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What is the color??

From:  "Sunny"

What is the color of female reproductive fluid?

Todd started the answers with this: 

It all depends on the female. Just like male, it can be different colors. This is a pretty stupid question though.

xach bluntly stated: 

the female reproductive sluid is clear to opaic-white

Amr Shalakani shared his professional opinion with us:  

well being a gynecologist myself ....it's easy to say i guess...it's colorless in healthy persons...cause it's a mere transudation from the minute blood vessels surrounding the vagina...n.b) the vagina has no glands and hence has no active secretions.

joemamafool responded with this:  

Females do have a reproductive fluid like males. They have what is called an egg(ovum). The male has what is called seminal fluid...which includes the sperm that fertilize the egg.

someone pointed out this: 

ok if u took (and paid attention) to ur 7th grade science class you would know that girls use an egg to make babies. this egg is a whiteish yellowish color

Kathryn shared her professional opinion also: 

As a partially trained midwife (nurse midwife to the americans) I have to be serious about this one and tell you it is a creamy white although it varies slightly between women and at different times of their menstrual cycles, becoming thicker and creamier at ovulation.

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