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Ram & Sheep & Donkey

From: "Michael Selby"

If a ram is a sheep and a donkey is an ass, then why is a ram in the ass a goose?

Don't know about finding an answer but, I thought it was funny so I posted it.

Well after being posted for quite some time we finally got a couple responses. Confused and Bored was the first to answer this question:

This is in response to the ran and the goose question, you know, the one with the ass and... well... yeah. A ram in the ass is a goose because if you had a sheep in the ass it would be very uncomfortable, and a ram in a donkey would be interspecies mating, which we aren't gonna get into, and it's called a goose because goose is just such a funny word. I mean, just try saying it randomly in a public place really loud and see how many people either look at you like their crazy, or look around for a goose. Say it too yourself a few times. Goose goose goose, doesn't it make you feel all tingly inside?

Glenn also took a stab at the answer and sent us this:

Be serious! If you want to know about the name equivalent for a ram in the ass, simply hold a goose in your lap and marvel as his long neck arches upward. The resulting image is every little boy's dream.

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