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What population?

From:  "cathy poling"

what percent of the world population has a four year degree?

TB did some research for us and came up with this: 

In 2000, 84 percent of American adults ages 25 and over had at least completed high school; 26 percent had a bachelor’s degree or higher. Reference this site
to find the percent for the world is difficult due a wide range of stats from 1 person to millions.
Countries with the Highest Proportion of University Students
See here
Countries with the Most University Students See here
For profiles on individual countries, try here

amrshalakanidr simply answered with this:

less than 6 % !!

Stubby responded with this: 

I have looked on several websites. From what I have found is that no one has one conclusive answer. But the percentage of the world's popluation that has a college degree or equivalent is about 1%. This information has been taken from Rev. Jim Kitchens (Davis Community Church); cencus bureau; world city population center; and the darwinawards.com.

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