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What kind of poo??

From:  "Joe"

Cows, horses and rabbits all eat grass. Cows excrete wet pie manure, horses drop dry firm manure and rabbits excrete pellets. Why the difference.

Todd helped out with this: 

Because a cow isn't a horse or a rabbit. A horse isn't a cow or rabbit and a rabbit isn't a cow or horse. They are all different animals. Could you imagine a rabbit making a huge cow patty! Or even a cow making little tiny rabbit turds! (This was a fun question to answer)

Edwin wrote us this short story: 

These three animals eat grass. Grass is very hard to digest because it is very tough and fibrous and because it is made of cellulose. No macroscopic animals (as in animals that aren't microbes) can create the enzymes that break down cellulose from their own bodies - the animals that do manage to digest cellulose have special digestive tracts that house certain types of bacteria that chemically break down the cellulose into glucose for them. Even with this system it is still very hard to digest the tough cellulose fibers of grass, so the food needs to be passed through the digestive system twice. Cows and horses pass food through their system twice by regurgitating it and then re-chewing it (this is what "chewing the cud" is). Rabbits pass food through their system twice by chewing on and eating their poop (it's not as disgusting as it sounds - their body makes their poop not so smelly so that it can be eaten). This is why rabbits poop out pellets - it is easier for them to e! at, like bite-sized candies.-----So that's why rabbits poop in pellets. As for horses and cows, well, they don't need to poop out pellets since they chew their cud not eat their poop, so I guess it's just the way it comes out, like with most animals. Maybe the cow poop is thinner because they actually feed cows corn, not grass, and so they don't get as much fiber.

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