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Is it poisonous?

From:  "Chris"

If a spider has fangs, does that mean it's poisonous?

TB reported this: 

Yes, Spiders use their fangs to inject venom into their victims. The venom is used to paralyze / kill their meals as well as start the digestion process then the spider siphon the liquid digested mass leaving the outer shell behind. Spiders cannot eat their victims. Except for certain spiders and a small percentage of people who are allergic, the amount of venom is too miniscule to affect humans and is regarded in most cases as harmful as a bee sting.

i know all stated this: 

most animals have teeth or as you say fangs but are all animals poisonous? no, but that does not mean that the animal will not bite you

hamish shared this fact: 

I asked my friend this once and this is what he told me.
Yes all spiders with fangs are poisonous, but that's not reason to get hot under the collar, most poisonous spiders fangs are far too small and weak to penatrate human skin. so next time you see a spider with fangs and he is really small give him hell.

Casey added this: 

answer about the spider question: well...for this one, i decided to actually do some research. I found the site and it says there that "Every spider has the ability to bite, except for the daddy long leg (because it's mouth and fangs are not big enough to bit humans. So they should be left alone.)" Also: "Not all spiders are poisonous, or at least venomous enough to kill, if that were the case, since everyone would get bit 20 times a year, everyone would be dead right about now. " I hope that this bit of info helped out.

maba27 sent their believes: 

spiders r poisonous, some of them can kill an adult human with one bite but most spiders r not that poisonous cause they prey upon small creatures like flies and such

tomatolord muttered this: 

1st poison you EAT
Venom is injected so a spider would be venomous.
Ok the answer is no...many animals have fangs and are not poisonous

Michelle researched and wrote this: 

Not all spiders are poisonous. Many animals have fangs that are not poisonous. (Wolfs, all snakes, etc). The poison comes from a solution that is often secreted through a hollow tube in the fang, which in certain spider species causes a rather unpleasant, and sometimes deadly response. Some spiders do not secret anything through their fangs, and some secret things which will affect a small animal but have little to no response in a human.

William rattled this off: 

HMM , well most of the time a spider with fangs, well all spiders have fangs, are poisonous or it would be redundant to have them. Although i do believe its possible I don't know of any.

animal helped out with this: 

about the spider, fang and poison question. mist animals have teeth or something like them but not all are poisonous. is a zebra bite poisnes? no but you can get in infecton from geting bit by one (not that you would but if you did) so the answers is no but, better safe then sorry

C.H.U.D concluded with this: 

No. All spiders have fangs. Even if the spider isn't poisonous it uses
the fangs to inject enzymes into its prey. The enzymes digest the
innards of the animal which the spider then slurps up like a milkshake.

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