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Round pizza? Square box?

From:  "Jesse Shores"

Why does a ROUND pizza come in a SQUARE box?

After a short couple days of having this question posted, my email box was loaded with answers to solve the pizza box mystery...

Kelly Clark was the first to inspire us with her wisdom:

 I think I've come up with a pretty easy answer to the "Round pizza? Square box?" question, which is simply this: Round boxes would be one big pain in the ass to make, don't you think? Square boxes are pretty simple, but would you really wanna fold a round box?

We then received a letter from Snoozer with his solution to this mystery:

Why does a round pizza come in a square box? Because square boxes are easier, cheaper and more stackable and the people making the pizza don't have to put them together. Plus, pizzas fit in them.

Jen and Sarah both put their minds together to solve the puzzle:

about the round pizza in the square box. its logical to put a round pizza in a square box because its easier to get the pizza out. its also easier to manufacture a square box then a round one.

And last but not least Todd concluded with his final thoughts.

A round pizza box would make it very difficult to get the round pizza out of the box. Even if the box was bigger than the pizza all pizzas are not perfectly round. Also it is very difficult to make a round box. It is much quicker and easier to make a box square rather than round.

So overall... I've basically come up with it would just be to hard to put together a round box and still be able to get a round pizza out of it.

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