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The Case of the Time Warped Pizza

Background:  While placing our order for the delicious pizza that Donato's makes we were told it would be 29 mins before the order would be at our place of work.  Which in all fairness isn't that long to wait when its a normal day of many orders.  After everything was said and done we got to thinking...why 29 mins and not a full 30 or maybe a bit less than 29...maybe 25?  So we decided it was our duty as pizza eaters to find out.

Info:  This one didn't take too long to find the truth.  After calling back and talking to the person who had taken our order we were informed that they were told to say this during their training by the manager.  The next step was to talk to the manager and ask why. If they know they have to say it maybe they know the why part as well.  So after a brief conversation our answer was given to us.  It seems the pizza business is a big partaker in slogans of how long it should take to get the pizza there.  In the mad grab for times Donato's was unfortunately left between the 25 to 30 min range and since most times in between them were taken they had to use 29 mins (we were kind of hoping it was some form of GPS system that tells you exactly how long it will be by tracking the drivers and how far it is to your location).


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