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If you do this 50 times...

From:  "forrest"

if you bend down to pick up a penny, stand up, put the penny in your pocket, and do this 50 times, can you buy enough food to replace the calories burned while picking up the 50 pennies?

KJ gave us his opinion: 

I don't know how much food you can buy with 50 pennies, maybe a piece of candy, and candy has a lot of calories. Maybe you should write a book and it could be the new Fad diet. Anything is better than seeing Jared Fogle's ass on TV 5 times a day. Here's another new diet, every time you see a weight loss commercial, ram a finger down your throat. 30 day money back guarantee.

TB faithfully answered with: 

Doing this will burn less than 50 calories. A 50 cent candy bar runs from 200 calories and up. You are better off with an apple (about 76 calories).

amr shalakani dedicated to the cause helped out with this: 

yes u can...let's say u burn 10 calories every time u bend down (which is over-estimated since u burn only 800 calories if u run for a whole hour). so 10x50 = 500 calories. that would be the same caloric amount in 200gms of bread...ie) 4 or 5 toasts.

David K did homework and wrote this: 

I'm assuming the question is whether you can buy enough food WITH THE 50 CENTS YOU PICKED UP to replenish the calories lost by picking up the pennies. Of course you could. I am not sure how many calories you burn by doing 50 knee bends, but it is probably about as much as you would burn walking from your car, through the supermarket, and back to your car again, but you're not taking that into account are you? Anyway, I'm guessing the 50 knee bends will cause you to burn somewhere on the order of 20 calories. You can probably buy a carrot or two (or some other vegetable) for 50 cents that would replenish approximately the same number of calories you lost doing the knee bends.

pavolka stammered this: 

Yes, but you won't come close to paying your chiropractic bill.

Michelle gave her two cents worth of information: 

yes, you could. Bending down and up 50 times would only burn around 100 calories or less (depending on your fitness level) And I'm sure at a dollar store you can buy a candy bar for that amount.

C.H.U.D. concluded with this: 

Yes, you can. Let's assume that the task of retrieving the fifty pennies takes five minutes. Five minutes of aerobic exercise burns approximately 35 calories in a 150 lb. person. Fify cents could easily buy a snack containing more calories than that. A Little Debbie Nutty Bar, for instance, can be purchased for 25 cents and contains 312 calories.

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