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Constellation patterns?

From:  "brain"

does there exist a map or chart that shows the patterns that the constellations would make in their movements, upon the surface of the earth?

I know all gave us this: 

yes there are lots of them you can find one online. or want you can do if your a comp wiz you can make your own by using math (yes you actually use all of that stuff that your math teacher tells you)

mathwizkid helped out with this: 

for the question about the constellation patterns on the surface of the earth it is possible, i have not built a system to do that but I'm sure that we could easily all that you basically need is a star map and their movements and then a map of the earth. I'm sure that a comp program could be built to run the patterns and some one with to much time on their hands has probably already made one so you can just look it up on a search engine like "Google"

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Here is a link of Maps of Star Constellations

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