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Are they like their parents?

From:  "donald hollingsworth"

Do children grow up to be just like their parents?

Todd was the first to respond with this: 

No. Children grow up to be like no one else. They are only influenced greatly by parents. Other things play a role such as friends and culture.

I know all responded with these answers: 

children learn many of the things that they know from there parents this includes how they act. when a child is grown they may have somethings that are like their parents but they will not be just like. if they did then we would still be just like the first humans.

amr shalakani gave his professional opinion: 

answer is simple.....get a photo of your parents, brothers & sisters if any...and finally get a mirror.....now COMPARE and you'll figure it out yourself....ever heard of DNA, genes and stuff!

parent mumbled something along these lines: 

kids are not just like their parents but they do have some similarities to them

tony sent in this answer: 

the answer to the question do you grow up to be your parents is yes but it is like mixing two colors of paint. the more of one color there is the
more like the dominant color it will be. but there
is the free will factored in to the mix. you are who you are and that is the meaning of life. finding your self and living with the choices you make.

TB gave us this report: 

Although genetics and the environments do play a factor in how we live our lives, learned responses or taught lessons have the most influences. Languages and interaction are formed during our formative years. The major influence during these years are our parents. They affect how we we will raise our own children. But as intelligent animals we can control our own destiny. Just because one or both parents are bad authority figures does not mean that you are the same. History is full of people who exceed their status in life.

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