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Does this exist?

From:  "Travis"

is there such a thing as one-sided paper?

Jax simply answered with this: 

Yes. some people call it thermal paper.

brad replied with this: 

yes there is one-sided lined paper that is meant for only using one side but you can use the other side

TB helped out with this: 

Yes, there are specialty paper that is used in ink jet printers and other applications. The most popular one sided paper is high gloss paper that is used in printing photos where one side is shiny / glossy and the other side is dull. Another one sided paper is carbonless which you see in special forms, write on one side then you will see writing appear on the 2nd, 3rd sheet etc. Write on the other side and the writing does not appear. Also gummed labels used in printers and hand labels. There are literally hundreds of one sided paper available.

Stu muttered this reply: 

"One-sided paper" is a term used when the paper one is using has a different surface type on either side of a single sheet. IE Buy some glossy photo paper at the store and you will see that only one side is glossy and the other is not.

Todd believes this: 

Yes! There is! It is called a Mobius Strip. You can make one at home too! I
made one in my math class my freshmen year of high school. They are really fun to experiment with and you can do many things with them. If you want to
make one go here They also have some cools things to do with them. If you keep cutting it as instructed you will ended up with more and more Mobius Strips looped
together. Have fun!

Dan Marty concluded with this: 

Yes there is such a thing as a 1 sided paper. It is called a mobius strip and you can easily make your own. Hold a strip of paper. Give the paper a half-twist. Tape the ends together. You have just made a one sideds piece of paper. Don't believe me?. Tkae a pen and start and where on the strip. continue drawing and you will eventually return to the same spot.

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