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Going pant less??

From:  "Brad"

Ok, here it is: You know how on restaurants they always say "no shirt, no shoes, no service"? What if someone walked in with no pants? What would they do then, cause it doesn't say anything about not wearing pants.

Well we've received a massive amount of emails to let everyone know what to expect when going pantless into stores:

Sara Lee was the first to send us her thoughts:

About the "no shirt, no shoes, no service" question. I heard from somewhere that it's just a catchy saying. Seeing as they all start with S and so on. Because (at least in america) I thought it was illegal to go around publicly in the nude. And restaurants, my friend, are public places! So! Feel the breeze whip by within the confinements of your own home. Keep the snake in the cage! Put the bun on the hot dog! Cover that pool.. with a pool covering? Anyway, if you must feel the need of wearing no pants, I'm sure there are longer shirts to accommodate you. Cheers!

Larry then sent us his very unique story:

On a Dare I tried the no pants thing at a diner in Northeast PA. after being immediately accosted by the owner of the diner and asked to leave I told him the sign in the door does not say anything about having no pants. he told me FINE he would serve me and seated me at a booth in the back of the Diner. within 10 minutes I was served a pair of handcuffs instead of the Breakfast I ordered the charge was Drunk and disorderly and indecent exposure. Both summary offenses for which I received approximately $1000.00 in fines. So the answer is ... Yes if you fight about it you can get served without pants however the service of JAIL food is not always the best in the world.

Forrest sent us this idea on where to go:

There is a bar in FL that gives $.10 off discount on a drink for every inch above the knee that a dress is. Women with no skirt and drinking in their panties only drink free.

Emily pointed out this interesting fact:

Besides the "no shirt, no shoes, no service" sign, restaurants also have a sign that says "restaurant remains the right to refuse service to anybody"...which means that if you're not wearing pants and they don't like it, then they can kick you out.

Webmistress Lauren: So... unless you know for a fact that the restaurant your going to is ok without you wearing any pants, go the extra mile and put on some pants for christs sake! Its not that hard of a concept people!


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