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How do they do it??

From:  "Trelow"

How do they peel the mandarin oranges that you get in a little can?

Edwin did some research and came up with this idea: 

They probably have machines doing the peeling - remember, this is a mass-produced product, and machines do almost all of the work in mass-production - even if it's as simple and trivial as peeling the tangerines. It might seem weird for almost every single thing to be mechanized - but remember, that's cheap compared to paying people to do the same work - always remember that labor is the most expensive factor of production. And yes, you can make a tangerine-peeling machine, they have machines for almost everything - for a small-scale example, look at that thing you can buy that you just crank it and it peels and cores an apple seconds.----
If they aren't using machines, which I highly doubt, they would of course have people constantly peeling the tangerines very quickly.

TB gave us another helpful answer: 

Mandarins have a thin, loose peel, which have been dubbed "kid-glove" or "zipper fruit" oranges. The fruit is washed. One or both ends are cut off. The side is caught and the skin comes off like tissue paper. The membrane and seeds are then substantially removed from the segments. Peeled fruit are washed and sanitized. The segments are then packed in water or citrus juice or syrup (glucose and water). In three different packing types, whole, broken or pieces.

Mr. Obvious attempted to help us solve the question: 

In response to the peeling orange question, a machine inserts an enzyme into the orange that breaks down the peel and unwanted pulps so that they fall right off the fruit.

they r watching finished off the the answers with this final thought: 

the secret government has a special device that does it

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