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Rising oil prices?

From:  "Mike"

if gas prices are higher cause of oil, why have the prices of oil changes NOT increased?

TB sent us these multiple answers: 

1) simple greed.
2) there is a time frame between the time to crude was pumped to when it is refined. Prices do fluctuate regularly. What was bought at a higher cost yesterday might be cheaper today but you still have to sell what you bought yesterday. Add state and federal taxes, cost for storage, loss and transport, gas prices remain high but not as bad as other countries.
3) There is no reason for gas prices to jump up on the weekends.

David K helped tackle this question with this: 

yes, they HAVE! Maybe the oil change prices do not fluctuate as rapidly as gasoline prices do, but they definitely have gone up. Keep in mind that the largest component of the cost of an oil change is LABOR, not the oil itself, and that is part of the reason for the prices seemingly not rising and falling as quickly as gasoline prices. Also, gasoline is consumed much more rapidly (the average vehicle probably consumes about 12 GALLONS of gas per WEEK vs maybe 5-6 QUARTS of oil every 3 MONTHS), so the way gasoline is produced and distributed is much more susceptible to the market value of crude oil than motor oil is.

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