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What kind of officer?

From:  "amy"

What is a SBI officer, that relates to the criminal justice field?

TB responded with this: 

SBI stands for the STATE BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION and it is responsible for collecting, maintaining and safeguarding material / physical evidence in a criminal inquiry. Anyone who remembers the OJ trial should know that CHAIN OF CUSTODY is critical. They must make sure that there are no cross contaminants or possible tampering of evidence to screw up a trial.

GOTTSMAN added these thoughts: 

SBI Stands for State Bureau of Investigaton. From what I can tell, over 15 stater have an investigative branch with this exact name, including Colorado, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Georgia and many others.

Andrew simply answered with this: 

State Bureau of Investigation. Its like all the guys that wanted to get in the FBI but they would not let them leave the state.

Mr Obvious pointed out this: 

A simple Google-search would demonstrate that the SBI is the Senate Bureau of Intelligence.

Chanda concluded this: 

Special Background Investigation
see here

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