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How much deeper??

From:  "hariwiteboy"

How much deeper would the ocean be if sponges didn't grow in it?

TB pointed this out: 

Sponges make up a fraction of the aquatic population. Less than .00001 percent. Try to imagine placing a penny in a huge swimming pool and see if it made any difference.

Todd added his idea: 

I'm sorry but this question made me chuckle. The ocean would be the same depth, with or without sponges. Sponges that grow in the ocean do not suck up the water in the ocean. A sea sponge is not like a household cleaning sponge. A normal household sponge is made to absorb a large quantity of water. Sea sponges grow in the water and have water through them. It is much like a fish or any other animal or plant growing in the ocean. Sea sponges don't change the oceans water level.

Alicia summed it all up: 

if sea sponges didn't grow in the ocean it would be the same depth b/c there's still sand and other stuff on the ocean floor.

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