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The Disappearance of Void the Noid

Background:  One day after eating some delicious Dominos Pizza we thought "Hey, what ever happened to that lovable Noid that used to be so popular?"  After much pondering we decided it was in the best interest of humanity as a whole to go and find out what horrible deed had come to pass on this trademark character.

Info:  After calling into Domino's Corporate HQ we tracked down the monsters that destroyed the lovable yet vicious Void the Noid.  It seems a group of parents "Didn't like the look of the evil being they call the Noid".  So it seems that Domino VPs had to shoot the Noid in the head and bury him in a shallow grave.  It also seems the massacre continues as the lovable little chimp has also been suffocated with one of the great "Fresh oven pizza bags".


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