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Why Men have Nipples?

From:  "Brian Baird"


I have the world's most asked question. At least at my house anyway.

"Why do men have nipples?"

If you would, send me the answer. Thanks in advance. Great site by the way.

Antoine all the way from Ireland sent us this reply:

I am surprised that the question 'Why do men have nipples?' remains unanswered.

There are two schools of thought on this one - The first school is Harvard and the thinking there is that men are basically just women with dicks and as such have one of the most instantly recognizable features of the female form - nipples.

The other school of thought is Tall Oaks School for 'special' pupils - the school of thought there is that men have nipples as indicators of cold days when you wrap up warm.

The third school of thought is over here in Ireland and being a God-fearing nation the answer to all things lies with God. The Pope was recently asked why men indeed do have nipples to which he replied 'God in his infinite wisdom knew that somewhere along the line a man would invent the nipple-clamp and God being the omnipotent and good fellow he is didn't want the man's day ruined so he gave all men nipples.' Here in Ireland we strongly believe in Papal infallibility so this explanation must be true - just as sure as the world is flat.

Welsh Bird added this:

when i child is formed in the womb of its mother the basic body outline is produced, before the sex is decided, so nipples are automaticly produced - in case it is a girl. so thats why lads have nipples, theres no practicle reason they're just there. plus wouldnt they look a bit stupid if it was all bare??


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