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Crusty Mustard

From:  Mike

Why does mustard always dry at the cap of it's bottle

Jackson Callans:  To answer your Mustard Question.. Mustard dries at the cap of the bottle because it just dries up.. think of it like this.. you know how when you have paint.. you put paint on something or drop it on the floor or shirt and it will dry up right? well when the paint is in the can it stay wet... the reason for that is because it is in a closed container so it stays fresh and also because when there's a lot of it together it wont dry up.. so mustard and paint are the same.. if you paint mustard onto your wall it will dry up.. when its thinner it dries when its thicker or a great amount of .. it will stay in the same wet form that it is in the jar , bottle, or can... so there you have it...

Todd:  When you use mustard you turn it upside-down. Mustard leaks out around the cap. It then dries. Spill mustard on the side of the bottle and don't wipe it. Lo and behold crusty mustard on the side!

So after realizing that mustard dries, why do they not make a spill free cap?  After all this is the modern age and all.  The mustard manufactures must think we like dried mustard,  it must give it that tart taste.   Well, off to see the wizard. 

After posting the answers, Sarah sent us this to share with our readers:

i just wanted to let you know that there is a spill free musard cap. its a frenches. havent you seen the commercial with the talking dog?its great. so great that i bought the product. and it werks. lol. just thought ya should know. im such a loser.

Lets all give a big thanks to Sarah, so we can know all run out to the grocery store and get spill proof mustard!!! Praise the lord!

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