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From:  "Bob fretes"


What is the square root of 98,789 divided by 76,763 plus 834,567,432 minus 1,638 times 507,867,888,423,554 and then divided by 796,787,655 equals what?


jax calculated this:




TB equated this: 


using the rules of math calculations the answer is 209,484,387.847183


Jamalique explained the answer with this: 


First off, you would have to follow the order of operations.
Multiplication/Division (depending on which is first in the problem) Addition/Subtraction (once again, depending on the order).
Here's the problem written correctly;
(sqr root)98, 789/76,763 + 834,567,432 - 1,638(507, 867, 888, 423, 554)/796, 787, 655
If you work that all out, here is (I believe to be...) the correct answer -209484387.84718248907714195703382


Jon calculated this: 


The answer would be. . . .  5.506053063x10^14 or 550605306300000.0


Stu responded with this: 


The answer = 531947458702657.447880761845231555


Todd's results equaled this: 


About 5.319474579x10^14 which is about 531,947,457,900,000 :D


amrshalakanidr concluded this:


53129474578849812.1 approximately !

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