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Mailing yourself?

From:  "Sia"

Is it legal to mail yourself in a box?

*Lauren* After pondering the actual thought of trying to mail myself, we came up with a number of responses, heres what we have:

Sarah pointed out this interesting fact: 

in response to the mailing yourself question. no. you cant. once you are sealed in your package you cant get to a mailbox. someone else will have to take you. that means that they are mailing you. I'm not sure about the legal aspect of that.
p.s I don't think I've said this yet, but I love yer site guys. it rocks.

Rddragon shared this: 

There is a law against Mailing Humans as well as certain animals. You must send anything Living By Special freight. So technically the answer is No and Yes

Todd sided with Sarah with this thought: 

I don't know about legal, but I do know about possible. It is impossible to mail yourself. You would have to get in a box. Close the box, address the box, and get the box to a postal worker. All of this being impossible to do after you get in the box. If you were to have somebody help you do all of these things, you would not being mailing yourself, they would be mailing you. So illegal or legal, its IMPOSSIBLE to mail yourself!

Rachel came back with this: 

Well since you have mailed yourself, if the post woman or man does notice that it is your own address I would think they would leave it in there, but if not it would go threw the entire process and then come back to you. I doubt it would be any less legal then mailing any other person.

janetsangryinch sweet and simply said: 

Yes, it is illegal to mail yourself in a box.

Trelow summed it all up:  If you are cremated then the US postal service will transport the remains, but they have to be marked as such. I don't believe anyone else will do cremains. As for embalmed bodies, (those not embalmed have to be shipped in a Ziggler case, same rules apply) the laws vary by state, but most major airlines will transport, if they have room. In the advent of mass deaths, railroad and OTR trucks can be used as well. ( Only 2 bodies can be carried on a commercial jet, the cargo hold isn't really designed for that, and a cargo plane would jsut cost too much compared to OTR truck.) Most bodies are transported by van if it can be done cheaper than flying.
If you are living, well, I don't really know, that's not my field.

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