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Love at first sight?

From:  "firefly"

if love is blind then why do people believe in love at first sight? and what if you can't see? can you still believe in love at first sight

Well heres the outcomes we've received, me personally... yeah I believe in love at first sight. I believe in all that stuff, destiny, soul mates, you name it I believe. Well heres what we've got:

amr shalakani:  well... I've given it a big thought and here is my opinion on the matter.... you first see your future lover ie) first sight then cause we are stupid we fall in love and turn blind afterwards...that's why love is blind and also there are no love from the second or third sights. lol

Katie Blahblah:  love is not blind, love is only blind to people who do not wish to seek it, and blind people can still have love at first site, because it's actually not the site of the person, its their inner beauty that counts

I know all:  when people say that love is blind it means that love does not care if you are of different races or different anything. people think of love at first sight to be like a feeling that you have the first time that you see/meet the person. about a blind person I would guess that they would believe at love at first sound

pavolka:  You can believe anything you want -- look at our national government. But the apparent paradox you mention evolved from an attempt by mothers to get their maturing teenagers to calm down a little. The saying originally was "love at first fight" -- it came from the way making up tends to draw couples closer together. Those moms didn't want their children to pick fights in hopes of turning a dull relationship into a better one.

2muchtime:  "love is blind"=love does not care who you are or where you live it will find you and who you are in love with does not matter if they are different "love at fist sight"= the first time you see or meat someone you fall in love about being blind and love at first sight it would have to be the first time you meet them

C.H.U.D.:  "Love is blind," is just a saying. It's not necessarily true. If I had
to guess as to why people believe in love at first sight I would say it
comes from watching romantic comedies. Since love at first sight isn't
(as of now) a measurable phenomenon there isn't any way to determine how
a vision disability might influence a person's probability of finding
such a love.

tony:  easy answer to you question is, there is no such thing as love at first sight. only a physical attraction. then comes emotional experiences, and a co-dependency which equals love.

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