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Real and artificial lemons?

From:  "mike"

Why is lemon juice made with artificial flavor and dishwashing liquid made with real lemons?

Edwin did a bit of research and responded back with this: 

Depends on what what you mean by "lemon juice." If by lemon juice you mean just the raw, unsweetened lemon juice that you use for cooking, well then I don't know where you're shopping, 'cause I buy that RealLemon brand stuff and it really is just lemon juice (from concentrate). If you mean lemonADE, on the other hand, then yeah they might use artificial flavors. They use artificial flavors in a lot of foods (of course) in order to get just the right taste and save money, but you really can't make lemonade without some actual lemon juice (but it can be from concentrate). Seriously, I know that people always talk about how this food is all fake and that food is completely artificial, but the fact of the matter is you usually can't make a food product without having some of the actual real food in it-----
As for the dishwashing liquid, well, they'll say made WITH real lemons - they never said made out of lemons - the "made with lemons" thing usually means that it just has some lemon product in it, like lemon oil or lemon concentrate.

Mario added his thoughts: 

The difference between the lemon in dishwashing detergent and in lemon juice is what each is used for. The acidic quality of a lemon is what is required in dishwashing soap. Therefore in this case natural lemons are used. In lemon juice, the taste is what is important. Although many brands do use natural lemon juice, other brands use artifical flavors to enhance the taste of the lemon juice. Usually this is done to either sweeten the juice or to remove some of the acidity that makes it bitter. So in conclusion, the purpose behind the lemon is what is important.

tnick finished off with this: 

hey make dishwashing liquid with real lemons because the acid in it can take the grease and stuff of the plates easier than the fake stuff can. drinking stuff with fake lemon juice is probably better for your stomach and intestines than the real stuff anyway.

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