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From:  "Sweet thang"

What is the first thing you know when you are born?

I know all was the first to answer with this: 

the first things that you know are functions like blinking, swallowing, breathing. these are things that you brain knows and that you do not have to learn

TB short and sweetly answered: 

Your mother's voice.

KJ supported TB's response: 

The fist thing an infant knows is its mothers voice, it learned it in the womb. the fist thing doctors do is give the baby to the mom so it will be attached to the mom. Unless its not breathing or anything messed up like that.

Roxy thought of another idea: 

Well obviously they know how to cry, sleep and shit their pants. Nice n short answer!

Todd backed up Roxy: 

Well the first thing you learn is to breath alone. So that would probably be the first thing you "know" also. But you also know how to cry, eat, go to the bathroom, ect

amr shalakani gave his doctorate advice: 

the answer is "COLD"...it's what initiates breathing in the first place!

Mike muttered this: 

how to breathe...

David K thought this sounded like a good answer: 

Probably that it got awfully light all of a sudden.

Pavolka agreed with David K: 

That bright lights are annoying.

"***" shared his views with us: 

you know how to many things but you don't have control over them. if you mean knowing something by having control over it is hardly anything at all. most everything that we know at birth is just reflexes like swallowing and blinking

tony summed up the discussion with this last idea: 

you are born with instincts. the 5 basic idds food warmth and so on

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