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Softening and treating fur jackets

From:  "Paula Baldwin"

What substance is used to soften and treat the skin side of a fur pelt before it becomes a fur jacket?

Casey shared with us what she knew: 

Let's see...the substance used to soften and treat pelts....hmmm.... Maybe the companies just have thousands of people sitting around chewing on the hides. Hey....you never know.

TB gave us this site: 

this site has info on tanning

KJ let us in on this top secret: 

To tan the hide of animals you can take out the brain and rub it all over the inside of the skin you just peeled off of the recently deceased animal until it turns to mushy tasty goodness, then stretch it out and let it dry. They might do the same to soft cuddly minks before they pop them off and make them into cloths for rich women. I hope they do actually.

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