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Lethal Injection?

From:  Mike

Why do the use a alcohol swab on your arm before they give you a lethal injection?

Here at SQA we received a few answers to solve this great mystery.

Patti Alone gave us her insight as to why:

They use the alcohol swabs in lethal injections for one reason! So the sterile needle won't be contaminated and will remain sterile. Duh! It all has to be sterile so they won't get the "dead" guy some disease. If the governor is a few minutes late with the call to stop the injection (trouble with the phone happens to everyone you know), the guy might get some disease that would have to be treated (or could be deadly). They can't risk that after they go through all the trouble of getting the crook (alleged crook) back to life from the lethal injection.

C.H.U.D. also sent us this intriguing thought:

The IV is administered by either a nurse or a doctor. They're obligated at all times to follow certain standard practices, including sterilizing the area with alcohol before starting an IV. To do less would be a violation of their codes of conduct.

We will all sleep better at night knowing that in case they decide not to kill some crazy psychopathic nut that's gone and rapped and killed a zillion people that yes, he won't get some kind of disease that he probably really does deserve, and that people really are following the rules.

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