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Adam and Eve created Incest??

From:  Jackson Callans

"Adam and Eve" I'm a strong Christian but I always been stuck on this
question.. If Adam and Eve were first humans on earth and all humans came from
them... Then does that make us all incest.. because if Adam and Eve had a kid.. then there kid had to have sex with there brother/sister in order to create another
human and on and on and on... so for the first few hundred years.. it was all

So we decided that it would be ok to post a religious question... well everyone and their brother started sending us mad amounts of mail, heres what we've come up with:

Todd:  Yes. That is the only thing you can deduce. Unless God made other humans after Adam and Eve.

Mike:  There were other people created after Adam and Eve. They were just the first ones. If you read your living bible, the footnotes help explain that after Cain killed Able, he had to worry about other people wanting to kill him. Some suggest that it showed the future, rapid rate of multiplication from Adam and Eve, but more likely, other people were created and incest was not a problem.

A better question, when Noah and his wife and his sons and their wives got off of the ark, how did they reproduce without incest?

sc0rch:  ok there was adam and eve. kain and able. kain killed able... but was banished... BUT he said "the people of the earth will kill me" or whatever... so who are the people of the earth?....he cant be referring to adam and eve... that wouldn't make sense...also he met his wife or whatever....so if there is only suppose to be 3 people around then how did he meet someone else...and again...who is going to kill him? So apparently there was no incest. Since there was more than just the 3 around.

I would say there was a civilization around b4 adam and eve... but I'm no going into all of that because then I have to go into phase tectonics and all that happy crap...

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