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How much is a gross?

From:  "dmcallister"

How many of something does it take to make a gross?

It seems to appear that this is a common known fact (even though I didn't know), here is what everyone has sent us:

transactionregister was the first to respond with this: 

A gross consists of 144 objects (12 dozen)

TB gave us this: 

a gross is a dozen dozen 144.

I know all agreed and said this: 

a gross is 144 or a dozen dozen

Orphan gave us more of an explanation:  

the answer is 12 dozen or 144. I believe that this was the original meaning of the word which then came to mean large or a large number and finally developed the connotations that it has in modern language.

Edwin confirmed the beliefs: 

a dozen dozens is a gross i.e. 144

theMrEman gave us this : 

a gross is 144 of any unit being measured. i.e. "I will take a gross of paperclips"="I will take 144 paperclips"

KJ brought this to our attention: 

About 50 lbs of extra weight and a couple of missing teeth. The other gross, the one I think your talking about, is a dozen dozen, or 144.

Paul completely confirmed the answer: 

There are a dozen dozens in a gross, or 144 items.

Keith sent us the answer and a little more: 

12 dozen or 144.
BTW, great gross is 12 gross or 1728.

C.H.U.D. concluded with this: 

A gross is a dozen dozens, or 144.

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