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Background:  Well this is our first "official" question by one of you...our lovely viewers of this wonderful slice of the internet. Well this got out little truth gears grinding and we thought "Yeah, where the hell did the Mayor and Sheriff go". One Jason “Last name removed” sent this question to us.  Here it is in all of its entirety:

From: Jason "Last Name Omitted"
Sent: Wednesday, October 23, 2002 2:25 PM
To: questions@stupidquestionsanswered.com
Subject: I have a stupid question!

I HAVE A STUPID QUESTION!  Last night I was watching the World Series and there was a commercial (One of the reasons the damn thing lasted 4+ hours) that I seen a few times for McDonalds, and I was wondering, what the hell does Grimace represent. I now that the walking chicken McNuggets (they wobble more then they walk I guess considering they ain't got legs) represent chicken McNuggets, the walking Pom-Poms represent French fries, or the Mayor with the Big Mac head and the Sheriff with the Quarter Pounder for a head represent a Big Mac and a Quarter Pounder. So, what is does Grimace represent.

 Second question. I have just thought of this one right now, what ever happened to the Mayor with the Big Mac head and the Sheriff with the Quarter Pounder for a head?

  Just as a thought, if you do choose to find the answer to these questions, you should find these first before you piss off McDonalds trying to find out what is in there food.

 Jason "Name Omitted"

Info: Ok, here goes hope this answer helps out.  After calling into the corporate office we learned the answers to both.  It turns out that Grimace is actually supposed to represent the shakes at the golden arches.  Back before 1975 or so Grimace was actually a four-armed creature that found it fun to go around ganking everyone's great tasting milk shakes.  This was the official answer we think there might be a little more.  *Start conspiracy theory...now* After his long run of getting fixes from peoples shakes the crew of McD's took Grimace into a room and told him he had a problem.  After the conflict turned physical while he tried to escape with Ronald's strawberry milk shake his arms were "accidentally" ripped off and he was sent off to a secret government facility.  After a few years of "shake" torture and an incredible amount of weight gain caused as an after effect he came out as the big fat ball of happiness we know today.

Now for the second one.  There really wasn't too much to go on for an answer to the disappearance of the Mayor or the Sheriff.  The official word is they went on a permanent "hiatus" take that as you will but we think they might have sent them in a crate to a third world country cause they just weren't "working out as part of the McDonald's Family".


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