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French frites?

From:  "freak of nature"

why do you call belgium frites french frites

TB was the first to answer with this: 

There is controversy on whether Belgium or France invented the potato fry. Potato fries have been around since the 1700's. Thomas Jefferson tried them in Paris and brought the recipe back to America. They were known as "potatoes served in the French manner."
In America "french fry" is attributed to American servicemen stationed in France during World War I. They called them French Fries and liked them so much that they asked for them when they returned home to the US. Today more than 4.5 billion pounds of fries are sold here in the US every year. This is about 25 percent of the total US potato production

Michelle gave us her opinion: 

My husband and I were just discussing French Fries this last weekend. Chefs call that shape a french cut whether they are cutting zuccini, potatoes, or carrots, etc (long and skinny). So they are french fries, because they are cut with a french cut (long and skinny) and then fried. (I have no clue where the "Frites" came from, I've only called them called French Fries.)

mr_smiley believes this idea: 

it simpel
french is in a diffrent langue small
it has nothing to do with the country

helheste concluded in agreement with TB: 

frech frites are called that way, because it originally was frenched fries, because they're potatoes frenched in small pieces. And the americans took it over from each other but "french"

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