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Wingless fly?

From:  "Mongoose" 

If you pull the wings off a fly, do you call it a walk??

Todd realized this: 

Nice one but no. You can call it a dead fly soon because it will die if it can't fly. Try it! :)

Amr Shalakani came up with this idea: 

well i'll call it a wingless fly!

Justincredibe added this thought: 

The wingless fly would then transform into a "crawl", and then you would need a crawl swatter to finish him off properly. I think K-mart keeps crawl swatters in housewares.

cubedwellerGEA thought up this: 

Well, if you take off your shoe and pound on a nail with it, would you call it a hammer? Probably not...
If you pull the wings off of a fly, you'll probably be most accurate calling it "dead".

TB summed it all up: 

A fly is a fly is a fly. Losing body parts does not make it anything else. A eunuch is still a man but with an important piece missing.  The lifespan of a fly is too short and the deletion of body parts is not common enough to call them anything but a fly

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