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From:  "J"

Why do people use the word fix so much? Fix me this or fix me that. Fix me some bath water. Fix me a sandwhich, fixing to do stuff....I'm fixin to go out, fixin to clean that up, fixin to do this or that.

Heres what our viewers have come up with:

Todd responded with this: 

I have no idea. People just do. Personally I rarely say it. Fixing is just slang. There is a lot of slang and things that people say for no reason.

Me answered with this: 

Because you can use it for all them things you've just typed thats why "Fix" is used to much.

sarah simply stated:  

people are stupid. its as simple as that.

ChaosWhistler did some homework and declared this:  

Two of the definitions of "fix" are "to prepare" and "make ready".

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