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How many grams of fat?

From:  "stanley

How many grams of fat should a female eat per day if her energy needs are 1600 cals?

TB started the conversation with this: 

For an adult women who is not pregnant or nursing should have no more than 30 percent of calories due to fat. 10 percent due to saturated fat. That should be no more than 55 grams of TOTAL fat and no more than 16 grams of SATURATED fat USING A TOTAL daily intake of 1600 cals.

mario gave us this information: 

Depends, if you go by the nutritional values chart that was made up 1000 years ago they say no more than 30% of your calories should come from fat. If you believe that is a bunch of bull, which I do and believe in the Atkins diet it really doesn't matter much. In the last year I ate over 100 grams of fat per day and lost over 120 pounds.

Todd helped out here: 

There are 9 calories in one gram of fat. 178 grams of fat would equal 1600 calories. But grams of fat are not the only thing with calories. Carbohydrates and proteins also need to be considered when figuring out calories.

Amr Shalakani gave his doctorate opinion: 

regarding the "how many grams of fat q" ....there are 9 calories per 1 gm fat that is present in your food. If we suppose that your whole diet is made out of fat "which is unrealistic" you'll need 1600/9 = 178 grams of fat. A normal healthy diet would contain approx 15 % fats...that would be 15/100 x 1600 = 240 calories which equals 27 grams of fat per day. Simple!

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