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Evolution and half apes...

From:  "SomethinSoReal"

They say we came from hairy ugly apes or whatever.. I doubt it.. If we evolved from Monkeys don't you think there would be half apes have humans roaming earth right now? I haven't met one yet.. but if you find one tell me.. there is no Bigfoot out there.. we would have found one if there was... so evolution.. not real.. whats your opinion on that?

Webmistress Lauren's thoughts: So... we got this question, and I find it slightly amusing... so I'm going to send this into the wild and let you guys come up with something good...

Kile:  Nobody claims that we descended from apes. Human beings have evolved from ancestors common to both apes (chimpanzees, gorillas, orangutans, and gibbons) and humans. There are many examples of "intermediate" forms in the paleontological record. Most lay-persons have very little idea of the principles of evolution by "natural selection" and misrepresentations of the kind you mention are quite common.

An updated answer from Steveo:

I am an anthropology major and we as scientists of human history have a very widely accepted theory called Common Descendants. It states that when a species is seperated and introduced to a new environmental variable their physical abilities and thought processes will move in two common but differential paths. The common path being survival but the uncommon path being what we can note in physical attributes. For example as humans we created an ability to think, feel and become social animals to survive. It got us to where we are today, so I think the real question is not where did we come from but what environmental variables are we being introduced to and how will we turn out 1 Billion years from now? Will we need our skeletal and muscular systems? I guess we have got to wait for that answer.

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