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The case of the mixed up engineer

Background:  While driving in the normal spot of traffic that plague the small towns in Ohio one of us saw a nice new Chevrolet Cavalier going 20 miles under the speed limit and noticed that the newer styles were missing something.  After staring blankly and subsequently running into the nice new car we thought of it.  "Its missing the damned Chevrolet tag on the back!"  To our wonder the people in the car we had just hit didn't seemed to enthused with out newly found thought.  When the heat from the trial had subsided we decided to investigate why the change had taken place.

Info:  So far we've called into the Chevrolet home offices and to our surprise no one could help us though they did mention we might want to contact the engineering department for GM and they might have some insight (also they noted that they can change the plans at will without notice and might have done it for a "refreshing look").  We then called back and tried to get a number for the engineering department but to no avail...they only had a snail mail address.  Not being one to take the first answer we also called into a local Chevrolet dealership and someone did give us a suggestion as to why.  They stated that sometimes the plans given to the plants can be mixed up and it might have just gotten switched at some point (human error).  Well our ravenous hunger for the truth still yearns for yet an even more detailed answer.  So we will be calling the GM main offices to see if we can't talk to either another historian (see the Mr. Rogers trolley scandal) or maybe even someone in the elusive engineering department.  On a side not also the number the operator gave us from GM for the engineering department was a non working number...maybe the engineers are alien influences?  The truth is out there...or at least a half assed answer to disregard our question. 

Well we did finally Get a hold of someone and they actually did the research for us (we have a source for stupid questions on the inside now) after going through two days of actually making the engineers talk (they are not too fond of people I guess).  Turns out that GM in all it's wisdom and glory decided it would be a "good" idea to take Chevrolet off the cars and put the bow tie on there instead.  The actual word switch was partly due to the fact they probably have some theory that the human psyche takes change well when you switch it around.  So instead of saying "Man having them switched is stupid” you will be saying "Man I sure wish they would put back the Chevrolet letters because that bow tie is butt ugly".  So when you see a bow tie car next time remember to A) Not run into one like we decided to, and B) Make sure to curse the engineers at Chevrolet for signing that deal with the devil (Hey the little bow tie is a sign of the Apocalypse...you must have missed that page but its there).

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