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What is EMO?

From:  "fxyrxy2003"

Like everyone at my school is like always talking about emo. I am like wondering what like it is??? maybe its like music i dunno. if it is then can someone like give me some examples of it??? im like so confused!!! can some one like please help!!! by the way i like really love this site (just found it today) im like going to tell all my
friends about it cuz it is like so....wow!!! yea well please help me i would like really appreciate it!!!

TB started off with this: 

emo is short for emotional. Emo is a broad title that covers a lot of different styles of emotionally-charged punk rock.

KJ responded with this: 

Emo is like, a style of like, music like. Emo is like, short for those things you like have like inside you, I think they are called like, emotions. The like music is like, kinda like soft-core punk. Like if you want a example of like, emo, the check out bands like The Cure. And also like, try not to like, use the word "like" so goddamn much!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jessica shared some of her knowledge: 

EMO- stands for Emotional. its usuallly pertaining to music, unfortunately most of the young punk use EMO in a way to reflect sad emotion, but technically any emotion can be emo. Bands such as Julianna Theory are known to be "emo" . I guess in short it means you have a lot of passion towards what you do. in most cases of recent" towards music.

Todd sent us this with a website: 

Its short for emotional. Its a broad title about different styles of punk rock. This site explains it Here

Remission muttered something like this:  

EMO stands for "emotional punk" just think gothic, but add colors.

Pavolka simply answered with this: 

Electro-magnetic ostracism. Really hard on teen-agers.

2 minutes hate shared his knowledge with us: 

Emo is a style/music/feeling. I'm emo so I can tell you firsthand that it means emotional. It comes from a punk rock background that got a little to emotional with their songs, so it turns into emotional punk. If you look its easy to figure out it evolved into "emo". It usually consists of bracelets, black hair, thick glasses, crying all the time, blue jeans, black shoes, tight shirts with bands on them , and umm just listen to bands like bright eyes, thursday, ataris, dashboard confessional. you'll get the idea.

andy summed up with this: 

is it emo a type of rock music

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