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Can a duck drown?

From:  "Emily Pelegrin"

Can a duck drown?

After a couple days the email has once again been exploding with responses.

Ididmadonna contributed this answer:

Of course it can! Fish can drown too, if their gills stop working. Trust me, if it breathes, it can drown.

Mark Wienants gave us this thought:

Yes. Ducklings frequently drown, especially those reared in captivity, and drakes will drown ducklings of a competing male.

Yash gave us this technical answer:

Duck can get drown. When you see them close, you notice they constantly rub their beaks to their feathers. By doing so, the feathers get coated by waxy substances. In turn their body will not absorb any water. Therefore they float. But if you wash them with solvent or paint thinner or soap to get rid of the waxy substances, they will get drown.

Todd concluded with:

YES. It needs oxygen to live. Can you drown?

So overall yes, ducks can drown... so be a kind citizen and if you see a poor duck drowning go save it you fool!

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