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Drinking and Driving

From: "Jesse Shores"

IF it is against the law for people to drink and drive, why are there parking lots outside of bars?

Todd sent us this thought to ponder over: 

Not everyone that goes to a bar drinks. Yes it is true that most people go to a bar to drink. Many times they drive home after drinking even though it is against the law. Everyone would have no place to park without parking lots at the bar. Designated drivers can also go alone with the person at the bar drinking.

An Arizona cop shared what's legal and not so legal:

Its not illegal to drink then drive. Its illegal to be drunk and drive...impaired to the slightest degree. It is not illegal to own a bar. A bar's customer is responsible for his actions after drinking.

Sarah went off and spoke her peace on the matter: 

ok, this ones for the drinkin and drvin question. there has to be parking lots at bars!! first of all, some patrons park their cars there, go get drunk, then leave them over night so they know where they are the next day to go pick them up. second of all, the people who work at the bar and the strippers need a place to park as well. and what if there was an emergency?? where would you put the police cars?? THE FIRE TRUCKS?? THE Ambulances!!!! jeez. someone never thought this one over. SHEESH.

And last but not least Nick finished off the discussion: 

in response to the question about parking lots at bars its really easy. the people who work there have to drive there and get to work and they have to be able to park somewhere. and not everyone going to a bar is going to drink every time that they are there

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