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The mass of a dollar bill?



From:  "Natalie"


What is the mass of an American one dollar bill?


TB gave us this answer:


A dollar bill weighs about .03 ounce. A million dollars would weigh over a ton (2040.8 lbs.)


Todd helped out with this: 


You can easily find this out by putting it on a balance and measuring out the mass. I would do it if I had a balance. :( But I would guess it isn't very large at all.


amr shalakani came up with this solution: 


I don't know the answer but I can tell u how to get it... it's easy....get a scale...keep putting dollar bills on it till u reach 1 KG . Stop and count how many bills u have....then divide 1000gms/number of bills you've got = weight of each bill.....p.s) you can send me those bills after finishing your experiment :o)


~*~ concluded with this:


take the volume and divide it by density, in your 8th grade science class you may have learned about a triangle that had this formula in it


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