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What is the name?

From:  "Jomari"

What Is The Worlds Largest Diamond Named?

TB was the first to answer with this: 

THE CULLINAN The largest diamond ever found, it was 3,106 carats in the rough and originally weighed just under one and a half pounds. The Cullinan was cut into 9 major stones and 96 smaller stones. The largest cut and finished diamond is the STAR OF AFRICA which is the largest cut of the Cullinan which weighs 530.20 carats and has 74 facets.

amrshalakanidr attempted with this: 

i don't really remember the name but I'm sure in knowing that it's the one fixed to the crown of the queen of england. it was discovered in south africa it has a slight pinkish tinge to it!

Curt added this: 

Cullinan I - also known as The Star of Africa was named after Sir Thomas Cullinan, owner of the mining company, and currently claims the title of largest cut diamond in the world. Of all the worlds largest diamonds Cullinan I is the largest. It was cut by Asscher in Amsterdam, weighs 530.20 carats, and has 74 facets. The Cullinan now resides in the Tower of London and is set in the sceptre of King Edward VII.

fleaz responded with this: 

A: To date, the largest "cut" diamond is named 'Cullinan I', after Sir Thomas Cullan. The stone is also nicknamed 'the Star of Africa'. I think it weighs in at approximately (if my memory serves me right) 525.0 carrots, and has (i know this for certain) 74 facets (edges). It was set in the sceptre of King Edward VII. Im pretty sure that it was mined in Amsterdam as well.

Chanda muttered this: 

World's largest diamond is the Star of Africa.

Guillermo helped out with this: 

The world's largest diamond is called Koh-i-nor, which means "mountain of light" in hindu (I believe). It was first discovered in 1304 and then taken by the british during Queen Victoria's reign and is now part of the British Crown jewels.

Kean stammered this: 

The largest diamond is the Cullinan I. The Cullinan now resides in the Tower of London and is set in the sceptre of King Edward VII.

pirate shared these views: 

530.2 carats.
This pear shape is the largest cut diamond in the world. Also called the GREAT STAR OF AFRICA, it is set in the Imperial Sceptre and is on permanent display in the Tower of London.

Bel finished with this: 

The biggest diamond ever found was called the "Cullinan", weighing in at a gigantic 3106 carats. Was found in Transvaal, Sth Africa, but was cut up into nine smaller stones. "The Star of Africa" which is set in England's royal scepter is one of the gems, and is 530.2 carats. Don't know what the biggest one is these days.

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