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Sexual identity of cows?

From:  "Jessy"

You know that commercial that was on television a while back. it was the one for frosted flakes and the guy wakes up real early and theres no milk left. so he goes outside to milk the cow. then you see his friends watching him and they say, "do u think we should tell him thats a female cow?" and the other friend says, "nah."

so, i mean, cows give milk and aren't all cows female?

Todd shared more of his thoughts with the world: 

Cows are female. Bulls are male. The guy on the commercial tried to milk a bull. His friends just said a double positive by saying "should we tell him its a female cow."

Michelle helped straighten out this problem: 

Sexual Cow. I believe this person got the commercial backwards, in the commercial they were discussing if they should tell the guy it was a 'male cow'. But yes, all cows are females, so it would have been a bull if it was male.

Me pointed this out: 

About the sexual identity of cows. I always thought Cows were female and Bulls were male. So yeah Cows are all female. And the "should we tell him thats a female cow" i think they were just being silly.

TB faithfully delivered us an answer: 

one of the definitions for cow(s) is: "A domesticated bovine of either sex or any age."

JoeK shared this with us: 

In the ad .I believe the line is."Should we tell him thats a "boy" cow"?,The gag here is that their friend is trying to figure out how to milk a bull(male).Technically bovines are cows(female)and bulls(male)and steers(neutered males)and are generically known as"cattle",however the term "cows" is commonly used to refer to bovines of unknown gender,As a sideline I also believe the ad is a gentle poke at urban folk who don't know such things.Growing up on a dairy farm,I could not believe the misconceptions of the uninitiated,ie:"It has horns,so it's a bull",shock at discovering where milk/beef actually comes from,complete embarassment at sight of cattle defecating/urinating,fear of being bitten by a cow etc.

James did a little research and came up with this: 

*=well the word cow is used for both a male and a female. a hefier is used to describe a female cow, a steer is a castrated male, and a bull is a un-castrated male. I hope this helps you out. most milk comes from dariy cows (Jerseys) which are male or female.

fogi simply stated this: 

Females are cows and males are Bulls.

RobertPaulson pointed out this interesting fact: 

Males animals, generally, can not lactate. As a result, all milk-giving cows must be females. Bulls are male cows.

Firefly concluded the discussion with: 

ok i know to much so i know the answer what it is is, a male "cow" is refired to as a bull when a female is called a cow now it is true that all cows are female but bcuz some people don't know that they call them all cows

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