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Selling of cigarettes?

From:  "tio90047"

Why do they sale cigarettes on gas stations if you shouldn't smoke on gas stations?

First of all I just want to state that you shouldn't be smoking in the first place and it should be illegal, then we wouldn't have to ponder this question... but that is just my silly views on things so heres what we have come up with:

C.H.U.D. pointed out this: 

They sell condoms at the grocery store and last I heard you're not supposed to f**k in the baked goods aisle. Hunting is generally discouraged at gun dealers. I bought a toilet seat at Home Depot and resisted the urge to take a crap in the checkout line. Shall I continue?

amr shalakani agreed with C.H.U.D.: 

regarding the "selling of cigarettes" question...it's because they expect you to behave in the same way when you go buy bullets for hunting in a store that sells guns!

theMrEman shared this: 

same reason smoking is legal, in both you are trying to kill yourself. there is no sense in the government punishing someone that is already punishing themselves. they are not a danger to society, just themselves, which is bad enough.

Ash brings up this good point: 

It's obvious that they want you to blow SOMETHING up.

Jax finished this topic with this: 

Probably for the same reason department stores that sell hunting rifles wont allow you to fire them in the aisles ... TO MAKE MONEY

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