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Christina holding something back?

ok heres my question and its gonna sound odd but its been bugging me and my freinds for awhile now. Christina Aguilera back in the lady marmalade days started having a belly and rumors were going around that she was pregnant.......... Well then you heard nothing for a really long time and then a year later she comes back with hips and a bigger chest( not that i was trying to notice but c'mon when someones naked on everyshow on tv its hard not too see whats going on) also she's gained alot of weight. My question is what happened? Was the pregnancy thing a rumor because she ate way to much burger king? Thanks for reading this and if you find an answer please let me know asap and if you could please just use my first name on this post and please don't put my email address up Thanks for reading this you guys seriously rock!

Backround:  She said we rock, so we put it up.  Paul is working on the case, but if you web viewers know what she is talking about and have an answer e-mail for us. 

Well after what seems like many years later we finally got an answer thanks to our wonderful friend C.H.U.D.

Yes, Christina Aguilera has a son.

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