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Why not chocolate milk?

From:  "Wolfie"

Why don't cows give chocolate milk?

Well this really does seem like a simple answer, its because moo cows simply cannot produce the chocolate within their bodies in order for the moo milk to come out chocolate. Heres the responses we got on the situation:

Paul:  Cows do give chocolate milk. Unfortunately, Hershey's and the Swiss have conspired to distill the chocolate right out of the milk. That way they can sell the product back to you. I am sure you have heard of "milk chocolate," which is what the cows really produce, and what is distilled. We derive all of our chocolate types from this. The darker the chocolate, the more times it has been processed (the more times in the oven the darker it gets).

Casey:  I have kinda have an answer to the question about cows giving chocolate milk. Maybe cows COULD give chocolate milk if you injected them with chocolate syrup....hmmmm....kinda makes ya wonder, doesn't it?

Sarah:  cows don't give chocolate milk because their bodies don't produce chocolate.

Todd:  Because cows don't make or have chocolate in them! DUH!

rebel:  because they aren't chocolate cows! :P (in response to Why not chocolate milk?)

I know all:  bcuz the co-co flavor is from a bean and we add it to the milk (DUH!!!)

TB:  Chocolate comes from the cocoa plant. Breast milk is a product manufactured by the body. if you feed a cow an exclusive diet of chocolate, you will probably kill them, but the milk would look the same. Although the milk would not taste right. The taste of milk is affected by what the cows eat. Milk taste changes flavor in the northern US when winter changes to spring with the feed change. The taste of milk would not to be that great with a diet of chocolate, just like when cows are fed a diet of feed with garlic.

amr shalakani:  regarding the "why not chocolate milk" question.....the answer is really simple....give the cow chocolate to eat and you'll get chocolate everything out of her.

Dave:  Because chocolate comes from a cocoa bean plant and animals do not produce chocolate.

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