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How many chickens?

From:  "Joe-Jeff"

how many full grown chickens could fit inside the core of the earth?

Edwin thought this was a good answer: 

Enough to supply all the KFC's in the world for a very long time. mmmmm..... chicken

TB gave us this equation to help solve the problem: 

If we base the earth as a sphere, we calculate the volume of earth using the formula -> V = 3/4 PI x RADIUS CUBED. This gives us 38,758,218,739,650,000,000,000 cubic feet. If we allocate a cubic foot per chicken, the number above should be the number of chickens in a sphere the size of earth. Since there is an estimated 8,000,000,000 chickens currently on earth (static number), you will need 4,844,777,342,456 TIMES the current number to fill earth's sphere.

pafvolka thought of this explanation: 

it's impossible to find out because every time someone tries the first chickens run back out because of the heat, and so on.

Catt:  None - No chicken could fit in the center of the earth as it would burn up/melt ect

Dan agreed with Catt and summed it up with this: 

No full grown chickens would fit into the core of the earth because they would be incinerated immediately. Or another way to look at it is that an unlimited number of chickens would fit as they would so quickly be turned to ash that they would consume no space.

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