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A check to anonymous


A man in the background refuses to testify and cash a check not addressed to him.

Shauny boy,

I was surfing around on soyouwanna.com this morning/afternoon/evening and they had a section on how to change your name. It got me to thinking.....

What if you wrote a check to "anonymous"? Could someone cash it? anyone? would they have to wear a mask or other disguise? would they have to cash it through a confessional booth?


Well, after sitting at work and wondering how to approach this problem.  I decided to call my local credit union.  After a long conversation, here is how it works, I am not going to tell how to get around the system which she sure was to make sure not to quote her on anything.  The only way that you could successfully cash the check at my bank if your name was anonymous or you had a business name that was called "anonymous" and you better have ID or a vendors license.  She also wanted to note that the person asking this question has too much time on his hands.  There is a certain flaw in the system dealing with ATMs, but other than that you can not cash a check payable to "anonymous".  The only way to cash a check is if it made out to you or cash. Do not want to help the criminal minds out there.   Enough said.  

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