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Advertising for Certs??

From:  "Plibbt"

Certs used to make a big deal in their advertising..."Certs!...With Retzin(sp?)" What is Retzin?

TB did the research and published the results: 

RETZIN is from the Hebrew, meaning TO BE PLEASED. RETSYN is a Warner-Lambert Company trademark consisting of copper gluconate and hydrogenated cottonseed oil which is green and gives little green flecks. It is RETSYN, in addition to the flavor, which is responsible for the efficacy of CERTS against breath odors. The hydrogenated vegetable oil and the copper gluconate absorb odors in the mouth.

havoc thought about things a bit and decided to support TB on his findings:

Retsyn. Copper gluconate. Put in there entirely because it's green and gives little green flecks. Does nothing else. Now, don't you feel silly?
Not quite as bad as "T2-5" in Scope (aka ethanol), but getting there.

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