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Banned cartoons?

From:  "goin_to_cali"

I recently downloaded an old cartoon from, I'm assuming either the 1930's or the 1940's, because it is Daffy Duck fighting in a war against Hitler and the Nazis. In the description for this cartoon, it says that it was banned in the U.S. at the time of it's release, and it says that the official title of the cartoon is "Daffy Duck the Commando". Can you tell me more information on this cartoon, and whether or not it was actually banned?

Well after receiving this question and telling Shaun about it he started mumbling something about it but then TB came to the rescue and gave us the answer!

Daffy- The Commando is about 7 minutes long and was originally released in 1943. Many wartime cartoons had a strong, propaganda bias and this one is a good example. These cartoons, for the most part, were considered offensive for some parody / exaggeration of certain aspects of various races, and provide and interesting insight into the way people thought back then.

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