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Buzz... human or toy?

From:  "Alexandra M"

Hi, This Question is in response to the movie Toy Story... Its my favorite movie and I just wanted to know IF BUZZ LIGHTYEAR THINKS THAT HES A REAL PERSON, HOW COME HE DOESN'T MOVE OR TALK WHEN HUMANS ARE AROUND???? Thanx This question has bothered me for quite sometime now..

The webmistress: Ok as a fellow Toy Story movie fan, this does bring up a very very good point... I mean if he does think hes a human then why doesn't he move or talk when humans are around... I mean seriously... think about it... we're on a quest for the answer to this one!

Eric Glomstad got right on top of this quest and solved it before anyone had a chance to think about it!

Buzz Lightyear thinks he is a "real" toy and not a "toy" toy. He knows he is not "real" as a human is "real". Have you read the Velveteen Rabbit? Same diff! The Skin Horse knows the difference between "real" toys and "toy" toys. Check it out!

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