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8's and 10's

From:  "Nate"

How come hot dogs come in packs of ten and buns come in packs of eight?

Now this really is puzzling.... I mean why on earth would you want to put hot dogs in packs of 10 and the buns in 8... it just doesn't seem to economical to me...

TB gave us these couple ideas: 

1. Meat is generally sold by the pound, buns are sold by the dozen (or multiples of three and four) making nice compact packages. There are 10 hot dogs to the pound (8 for jumbo hots). 2. Manufacturer changes are a pain and can be expensive to change. 3. The situation has been allowed to continue because the people meekly submit to it. Less than 1 percent even complain about it.
4. Some manufacturers sell buns and hot dogs in packages of different sizes depending on market dictates but they are in the minority.

rebel has this idea: 

so you will have to buy two packages of buns and they will get more of your hard earned money.

they r watching believes the government is out to get us: 

the answer to this question is quite simple, the secrete government who's whole point is to make the lives of everyone else bad if you do not believe this then the government will not bother you but for those who know about this secret origination then they will try to hunt you down.

Casey reported her side of the story: 

Well....it all comes down to this: some people are greedy when it comes to eating hot dogs. They either end up eating some as soon as they open the package, or they sometimes feel the need to stuff more than one hot dog into one bun. Therefore, buns only need to come in packs of 8 because the hot dogs get used up so easily. If people weren't so greedy, then buns could eventually be sold in packs of 10...if they already aren't.

goin_to_cali came to this conclusion: 

In response to the question on why do hotdogs come in packs of 10 and buns come in packs of 8, I think that it is a marketing ploy on the part of the bun company, because if you want enough buns to cover the amount of hotdogs, you have to buy 2 packs of buns...therefore the bun companies receive more money. Of course there might be a better explanation for this, but this is the only one I could come up with.

C.H.U.D. gave us this simple solution: 

Buy bun-length wieners. They come in packs of 8. Problem solved.

Ash Jamalatar finished the conversation with this final thought: 

It's an obvious conspiracy. The bun company is in cahoots with the hot dog company. They want you to buy one pack of hot dogs and one pack of buns. Then, to use up the other two hot dog buns, you have to buy more hot dogs. You would have more hot dog buns left over, so you, once again, are forced to buy more hot dogs. Eventually, this would zero out (8 packs of hot dogs, 80 hot dogs, and 10 packs of buns, 80 buns), but no one wants to eat that many hot dogs. The solution: Don't eat hot dogs.

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